Kasia / Scanner


Photo: Mike Massaro

Living with asthma has meant that media artist Kasia Molga is very aware of her own breath. She sees it as one of the most intimate physical actions our bodies, which connects the insides of our physical self with the outside world.

Kasia met with Dr Esme Purdie, Environmental Researcher at King’s College London, to discuss the effects of pollution on breathing. Drawing on this she ran a workshop with young people aged 14–17, participating in the Exscitec STEM World International Summer School. By breathing on iced sheets of glass through a microscope they discovered the unique patterns formed by their own breath. They analysed these to find out if there were any differences between their breath and if they could recognise their breath from the group.

Kasia then collaborated with artist and composer Scanner to create a sound piece called ‘A Portrait of Your Breath’, exploring how pollution affects the air quality of urban environments, and how this impacts on respiratory health, creating a sonic journey tracing the parts of our bodies that are left behind with each exhaled breath. For Esme and the academics at King’s, the sound piece is an opportunity to help people think about and understand pollution more – making the invisible visible.

Kasia Molga

Kasia Molga is a media artist working on intersection of art, technology and science. Her main focus is in exploring various aspects of real time environmental data manifestation and sensory technologies to examine human attitude to nature and our position within the environment in the context of climate change and thus unforeseen futures.

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Robin Scanner is an artist and composer working in London, whose works traverses the experimental terrain between sound, space and image. His diverse body of work includes soundtracks for films, dance, radio, and site-specific multimedia installations. His work has been presented throughout the United States, South America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

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Invisible Dust

Invisible Dust works with leading artists and scientists to produce unique and exciting works of contemporary art and new scientific ideas exploring the environment and climate change.

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