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Photo: Richard Eaton

Rachel Williams is a final year Bsc Neuroscience student at King’s College London, and was inspired to study Neuroscience by the example of other women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. She is also passionate about making science accessible to people of all backgrounds.

Rachel, rapper and lyricist Shay D and music producer Jimmy Logic ran a workshop with young people from the London Urban Arts Academy, exploring the effect of sounds on the brain, focusing on ‘earworms’ – the fragments of music or songs that get caught in your head long after you’ve heard them. They looked at how memories are created, what earworms are and what makes them so catchy.

The young people developed their own rhythms, following one after the other in a freestyle cypher. They then devised lyrics and recorded these along with their sounds, creating their own versions of an earworm, ‘Environment: Part 1’, ‘Environment: Part 2’ and ‘Earworm’.

Rachel Williams

Rachel is a final year Neuroscience BSc student. She is also Vice President of KCL Intersectional Feminist Society, an Undergraduate Research Fellow and outgoing Vice President of KCL Neuroscience Society. As an activist inspired by black women in STEM, she wants to make science accessible to people of all backgrounds.​

Shay D

Shay is a rapper and spoken word poet. Alongside her music she works with young people using a hip hop based ethos, encouraging an open and creative expression through music. She often crosses genres fusing rap workshops with other art forms in theatre and contemporary art contexts.

Find out more about Shay on www.shaydmusic.com

Jimmy Logic

Jimmy is a Producer, composer and musician based in Hackney. He began his career in the music industry at Metropolis Studios in West London. Following on from gaining experience of recording and post production, he then moved into the field of live engineering whilst working on various composition and production projects.

London Urban Arts Academy

London Urban Arts Academy provide a wide range of services to all people with a primary focus on young people, working with housing associations, charities, youth services and community groups. They are committed to making arts and media interventions more accessible to all people with a primary focus on engaging and empowering young people.​

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