The Young Leaders are our youth ambassadors, advisors and creators. This group, made up of 15-25 year olds who live, work or study in the boroughs of Southwark and Lambeth, represents the incredible talent and diversity of London. They are passionate about bringing new voices to the fore, programming their own events at the gallery. 


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Angela works collaboratively with cultural institutions to develop their ideas and knowledge about art, culture and creativity. These collaborations encourage exchange by connecting schools, galleries, artists and cultural institutions worldwide through an exciting social platform. Her experience also ranges across various industries - finance and performing arts to name but a few.




Bella is a Northerner and Neuroscience graduate with a creative streak. She is interested in how art and science combine to engage diverse audiences with scientific and social issues. Bella recently created a short film, Staccato, exploring the paradoxical beauty behind neurological diseases. She applies her love of story-telling while co-editing her online zine, Plathoes Cave. Her ultimate aim as a Young Leader is to produce innovative and ambitious projects that provoke thought, debate and change.



Dharyl is a citizen of the world, originally from Ecuador, and previously living in Spain. Dharyl has a special talent in identifying global connections and universal language through design and aesthetics. He is interested in exploring migration through the lens of culture, such as his own identity and personal connections. Working with Science Gallery, Dharyl hopes to explore design and visual stimuli to support social inclusiveness between different people; creating universality.




Elly originally hails from York but has lived in London for seven years. She has degrees in Biomedical Science (King’s) and a Science Communication MSc (Imperial College). She works at the Science Museum developing exhibitions ranging from antibiotics to codebreaking, and is interested in curating art within science-focused spaces and vice versa. As an alumni she is delighted to be a part of the Science Gallery London mission to turn the university's research to face outwards to the public.




Laura is a recent UCL graduate (Chemistry MSc) and stage and film actress - passionate about the representation of science in the performing arts. Her specific interest lies in science fiction that questions where we came from and where we might be headed, unravelling the world’s greatest mysteries and telling stories from lesser heard voices. This includes works of Afrofuturism that allows herself and others a platform for their experiences.




Mandeep is a 4th year medical student at King's and is equally dedicated to his ambitions as a psychiatrist and a rapper. His musical stories aim to humanize the misunderstood, whilst his current research explores the impact of urban music facilitation in psychiatry. He runs a monthly night of improvised hip-hop and jazz in east London, aiming to give the stage to patients. He believes that art serves to invigorate the curiosity and awe which science serves to probe. Check out Mandeep's work.




Richard first joined the Science Gallery family as a duty manager for the BLOOD season. He studied Medical Bioscience at London Met, but discovered his passion of contemporary art, from photography to DJing. Richard curated an exhibition on addiction, built on his experiences of working in a betting shop. He is interested in developing art that pays homage to London, and hopes to develop his personal artistic style as a Young Leader.




Stacie is a multidisciplinary designer focusing on human behaviours and systems, with themes of science and anthropology. She is currently studying at MYOM, a self-initiated Masters programme. The MA involves seeking briefs from leading artists and designers, alongside establishing a network of peers and mentors to guide her through. This experimental project is accompanied by a blog. She is also a freelance designer currently working for Studio Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg.


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