13 October - 13 October Blood Counts at Guy's Chapel

Overview: What's the role of blood in art?

How can our blood be a signifier of identity and being; a marker of fragility and illness; a form of protest and resistance; a manifestation of bodily functions and a test of the limits of the body? Blood Counts brings together presentations, provocations and discussions around the aesthetics, ethics, biomedical and cultural contexts of blood and performance.

Dr Dominic Johnson explores the role of blood in art, with a performance of Passion/Flower by Ernst Fischer & Nicola Hunter, contributions from the artists Marisa Carnesky and jamie lewis hadley with responses from scientists from King’s College London including Carmine Pariante, Professor of Biological Psychiatry.

Curated by the Live Art Development Agency.


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Image credit: Franko B and Manuel Vason Collaboration#5 Malmo 2002

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Guy's Chapel

13 October - 13 October

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