18 October - 18 October Curator and Scientist Tour

Overview: Go behind the scenes

Wednesday 18 October, 7-8pm | Copeland Gallery

Join season curator producer Andy Franzkowiak and Professor Susan Bewley on a tour of BLOOD: Life Uncut and explore the scientific and personal stories behind the artworks, and the themes of life affirmation, health and taboo that run through the exhibition.

Find out where the BLOOD: Life Uncut season started its life, and what social, political and scientific rabbit holes you could go down through each of the artworks on display.

Susan Bewley is Professor of Complex Obstetrics at Kings College London. She qualified as a doctor in 1982 and worked as an obstetrician for almost 30 years. She has a degree in medical law and ethics and was the first woman trained in Maternal-Fetal Medicine in the UK. Her main research areas are severe maternal diseases and and violence in pregnancy.


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