7 November - 13 November Period Piece

Overview: What does is it mean to digitise our reproductive organs?

Tuesday 7 November – Monday 13 November | Haemotel, Collingwood Street, various times

Period Piece seeks to provoke critical dialogue about shifts in contraceptive technologies and constructions of the ‘natural’ around women’s bodies from the rise of the pill to the emergence of period tracking apps. Through an audio-visual installation juxtaposing a biometrically-derived choral composition with holograms and film footage, we invite you to see and listen to the inside rhythms often hidden by secrecy and taboo.

Period Piece was conceived through collaborative conversations between the historian Alana Harris, classical composer Ion Marmarinos and contemporary artist and designer Stephanie Bickford-Smith.

Dr Alana Harris is a Lecturer in Modern British History at King’s College London. Her research interests broadly span issues related to British identity in the nineteenth and twentieth century, encompassing gender, class, ethnicity, sexuality and religiosity. She is particularly interested in the manifestation of these self-definitions and understandings, individually and collectively, through ritual and performance, pilgrimage, material and visual cultures and spatial and narrative practices. Her next research project will examine changing attitudes to birth control in twentieth-century Britain (and Europe).


Tuesday 7 November

Open 6:30-8:30pm, with free bookable event between 7-7:45pm. Book now

Wednesday 8 November

Open 6:30-8:30pm. Feminism/Contraception: Professor Tina Beattie (University of Roehampton) and Dr Claire Jones (University of Kent) 7-7:45pm, free but booking required. Book now

Thursday 9 November 

Open 6:30-8:30pm, with free bookable event between 7-7:45pm. Book now

Friday 10 November

12-4pm, drop in – no booking required

Saturday 11 November

Open 2-5pm. Conversation with the artists 3-4pm, free but booking required. Book now

Sunday 12 November

Open 2-5pm. Period Trackers: Conversation with the artists 3-4pm plus filmakers Rita Conry and Gemma Rogers, free but booking required. Book now

Monday 13 November

12-4pm, drop in – no booking required

Monday 13 November:

Open 6:30-8:30pm. Science in Art: Conversation with Daisy Ginsberg, RCA and artist Jamie McCartney 7:30-8:15pm, free but booking required. Book now


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The Artist: Stephanie Bickford-Smith

Stephanie Bickford-Smit is a contemporary artist with an uncomfortable imagination. Stephanie’s work challenges the moral and ethical boundaries facing those in a divided society whilst always maintaining a balance between science and humour.

Bickford-Smith graduated from the Royal College of Art in Design Interactions in 2014, where she explored covert research practices and performative narrative techniques. Her research method has been tested whilst undertaking undercover investigations as a housekeeper in a hotel and food delivery man in the City of London which formed her graduating work from the RCA. This work has received nominations for ‘Best Student Work from across the country’ by Blueprint magazine and the ‘Innovation for Living Award,’ by Helen Hamlyn. Carl Disalvo wrote about the project in the academic Journal, Kunstlicht.

Her performative techniques have developed by co-running workshops in London for the public, including a supporting workshop for Dunne and Raby in the Design Museum. She was selected for the MaXter program in Genoa, where 10 artists slept ate and worked together for 10 days resulting in an immersive performance in the Contemporary Art museum, Villa Croce. Her work has been exhibited in both Tokyo and London including the V&A show, ‘Always Print the Myth.’

The Artist: Ion Marmarinos

Ion Marmarinos is a classical composer. He studied Orff’s system when he was 5 and began composing at 9. At that time, he began studying classical piano and Hindemith theory at the Athenaeum conservatoire in Greece.

After completing his business studies in Greece and the US he studied ethnic and classical percussion in Greece before moving back to the US where he lived for another 6 years. He studied classical concert composition and film scoring at New York University with Jerica Oblak, Sonny Kompanek and Justin Dello Joio after receiving his Masters’ degree. His concert music has been performed in New York where it received several distinctions and awards. He has also composed music for independent film productions, dance performances and theatrical plays in the US and Greece.

As an educator he has been instructing music theory, harmony, ear training, piano and percussion at conservatoires, primary and secondary schools in the US and Greece. Among his future collaborations are the Orchestra of Colours, conductor Teodor Currentzis with MusicAeterna, and several renowned contemporary chamber ensembles and orchestras in the UK. He turned down a research scholarship to study at the University of Birmingham in order to work toward his PhD in composition at King’s College London with Robert Keeley and Silvina Milstein.

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7 November - 13 November

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