DARK MATTER Friday Late: Ethereal

Contributors to the Friday Late Programme on 21 June 2019, left to right: cktrl, TATYANA, Alxndr London, K2RAH
Friday, June 21, 2019 - 18:30 to 22:00
Science Gallery London
FREE, booking essential


A multi-sensory exploration of the imperceptible, from the undetected particles all around us to the distant reaches of the Universe. What might be lurking just beyond our human understanding?



Blended by Almass

Producer and multi-instrumentalist cktrl moulds R&B influenced electronic music with a distinctively UK spin. His textured soundscapes balance lightness and soft silences with flurries of percussion and low frequencies to create complex layers, each telling their own story.

Classically trained harpist TATYANA has created a brand of alt-pop that’s entirely her own. Effortlessly synthesising jazz, soaring vocals and electronic harp, her viscerally emotive songs deal with transitions, escapism and identity.

Alxndr London
One of the most intriguing and enigmatic artists to emerge in recent years, Alxndr London’s genre-defying sounds nestle between spiritual soul, R&B and electronica. Boldly moving between unconstrained fantasy and spectacular science fiction, he travels to Afro-Futurist realms in order to question the fabric of reality.

K2RAH (DJ set)
DJ, presenter and promoter K2RAH has been championing exciting new artists and forward-thinking music since 2010. Showcasing her unmatched ability to handpick eclectic sounds, her fun and energetic DJ sets weave through spectrums of future sounds, bass, garage, hip-hop and alt-R&B.



Dark Matter Radio
Artist Aura Satz shares the inspirations behind Tuning Interference: Dark Matter Radio, her newly commissioned sound installation for the DARK MATTER exhibition.



Cosmic Origami
Discover the hidden structures of the Universe and gain tactile knowledge of the cosmic web in this origami workshop with dark matter researcher Mark Neyrinck.

Listening Beyond the Ear
Join sound artist and researcher Alex de Little for a deep listening workshop. How can we harness our senses to uncover the hidden elements of our sonic environment?


The sounds of The Sol Stage have been blended by Almass. Creative Director Almass explores storytelling through space, sound, colour and light to inform her curation and creation. She blends art forms to compose universally connected narratives, encouraging a collaborative culture intended to challenge and inspire our curiosity.



Friday Lates at Science Gallery London are a chance to explore the gallery after hours, enjoy a drink and bite to eat, and discover talks, workshops, performances and music brought to you by inspiring artists and researchers. This event is part of DARK MATTER: 95% of the Universe is Missing, a free exhibition and events programme at Science Gallery London imagining the unseen and questioning the invisible through art, physics and philosophy.

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