ON EDGE: Eco Anxiety: Are we doomed?

An image from a Extinction Rebellion protest in London showing a police officer in the foreground and a large pink boat with TELL THE TRUTH in black letters
Wednesday, October 23, 2019 - 19:00 to 20:30
Science Gallery London, Theatre
FREE, booking essential


Climate activists are calling for us to fully face the ‘hellish’ reality of climate change. The papers are telling stories of the end of the world as we know it. But is eco-anxiety the ‘sane’ response? Join neuroscientist Kris De Meyer from the Department of Neuroimaging at King's College London, climate psychologist Caroline Hickman from the Department of Social & Policy Sciences at the University of Bath, and climate activist Clover Hogan to discuss whether anxiety in relation to climate change is fuelling positive action, or polarization of opinion and inaction.  

Free, booking required.

This event is part of ON EDGE: Living in an Age of Anxiety, a free exhibition and events programme at Science Gallery London exploring the causes of and responses to anxiety in contemporary society through art, design, psychology and neuroscience

About the contributors

Clover Hogan is a 20-year-old climate activist, youth spokesperson, and the founder of Force of Nature. After graduating from the Green School in Indonesia, she worked in Silicon Valley with Impossible Foods founder Pat O’Brown to develop a national youth strategy, led international marketing campaigns for Leaders’ Quest in London, and consulted big business at Volans alongside John Elkington, global authority on corporate social responsibility. She spent four years researching eco-anxiety and the psychology of agency - why we do or don't take action on the issues we care most deeply about - before launching Force of Nature in 2019. Their mission is to develop a formula to mobilise mindsets, and enable the emerging generation of leaders to realise their change-making potential.


Kris De Meyer is a Research Fellow in neuroscience at the Department of Neuroimaging and a Visiting lecturer at the Department of Geography at King's College London. He specialises in how people become entrenched in their beliefs, how this leads to polarisation in society, and how to overcome this. Kris works with environmental scientists, policymakers and conservation NGOs to support them in communicating more constructively about climate change. He regularly speaks on BBC radio and TV about polarisation in society, and why fake news can be so believable.


Caroline Hickman is a psychotherapist and therapeutic social worker who teaches at the University of Bath. She is a member of the Climate Psychology Alliance (CPA) Executive Committee and is currently researching children's feelings about the climate and biodiversity crisis, eco-anxiety, therapeutic responses to climate change trauma, and looking at how a ‘climate crisis lens’ can be used in practice. 


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