ON EDGE: Let's get social: A different kind of prescription for anxiety

An illustration of a woman sitting on a chair crossing her hands across her chest
Wednesday, November 27, 2019 - 13:30 to 21:00
Science Gallery London
FREE, booking essential



Anxiety can often be caused by something amiss in our social environment. Should GPs prescribe arts and leisure activities that encourage participation, social interaction and physical activity, in addition to or instead of medication? 

This series of afternoon and evening talks, discussions and activities will explore how social prescribing is addressing the rising prevalence of anxiety in young people. What do successful social prescribing schemes that encourage participation in arts and culture activities look like? And how can we support the roll out of these initiatives in Southwark and Lambeth?

This event is in two parts:

  • AFTERNOON PROGRAMME: From 13:30 - 17:30 there will be talks and discussions in the theatre, led by leaders and champions of local social prescribing schemes. Public booking for this event will open on 12 November. BOOK HERE.
  • EVENING PROGRAMME: From 19:00 - 21:00 join us for a drink and an evening of activities led by artists as we discuss the importance of arts and culture for wellbeing and how social prescribing has the potential to help all individuals experiencing anxiety. BOOK HERE.

Please note: you need to book separately for the afternoon and the evening programme if you wish to attend both.


There will be the opportunity to see our current exhibition ON EDGE: Living in an Age of Anxiety from 17:30 - 19:00. Please join us for as much of the day as you are able to.


This event is part of ON EDGE: Living in an Age of Anxiety, a free exhibition and events programme at Science Gallery London exploring the causes of and responses to anxiety in contemporary society through art, design, psychology and neuroscience

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Drawing by Martha Tromans, aged 17