The Champion Agency

#DIYfood launched across online platforms on the 26 December 2015, strategically positioned during the festive period to raise awareness about food waste. During a three month social media campaign we highlighted facts and figures relating to food production and consumption, offering practical solutions to individuals wanting to address issues of sustainability, recycling and waste management.

banana solution

During the campaign we followed Milo the freegan as he foraged around London intercepting food that would otherwise be discarded. Learn more about freegansim by watching our Milo series on Youtube.

Taking the campaign onto the airwaves, Reprezent Radio explored issues raised during the FED UP season in five short features during February 2016, with a one-hour special feature aired in March 2016.

For the finale event of the #DIYfood campaign we hosted a dinner party showcasing innovative approaches by individuals and groups working in food production. The three course meal was designed to challenge the diners’ perceptions and attitudes towards food. The meal drew on the myriad themes explored throughout the year-long FED UP season raising awareness of some of the most pressing issues of our time.

Check out the below video for highlights of the dinner party and an insight into the #DIYfood campaign.