by Hayden Cohen

Gobsmacked was a series of free poetry writing and performance workshops for all abilities, a poetry competition and a final performance event.

The competition invited participants to enter an ‘oral’ themed performance poetry competition with a £75 cash prize. There was a science weighting with judges (poet Hayden Cohen, Science Gallery London director Daniel Glaser and dental researcher Saoirse O’Toole) awarding extra marks for accurate depictions relating to anything oral. 

 The competition was won by Munya Chawawa for his poem ‘The Cave’. Judge, Hayden Cohen, said: “We picked Munya’s poem as not only did it ooze style with excellent presentation, the poem managed to include an extended narrative within the constraints of the science of the mouth.”  Head over to YouTube to watch Munya perform his poem.


Hayden Cohen is a Yorkshire born writer, poet, musician and funnyman. Whilst he was Shortlist Magazine’s Pick of the Fringe for the one man show ‘Age of the Geek,’ his proudest achievement was playing Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof aged 8. Hayden also works as an Exams Undergraduate Officer for the Dental Institute at King’s College London.

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