by Joanna Brinton

As part of the Utopia series at King’s College London, Joanna Brinton worked with dental student Anisha Gupta, initiating discussions and running workshops around issues relating to cosmetic dentistry, aesthetic medicine and self-image.

For MOUTHY, she took this conversation further, running workshops for participants to handle dentistry tools, take impressions of them and consider their associations in a fun and safe space. Re-examining these curious, sometimes fear-invoking objects in the context of modern medicine and the future of the mouth. These workshops allowed people to experiment with marbling swirls of colour, transforming the appearance of the dentistry tools and exploring appearance, attraction and fear. Artworks will be displayed on the Science Gallery London hoardings on Great Maze Pond until early 2017.


Joanna Brinton works in print, design and sculpture. Her practice incorporates public commissions, books, publications and design for contemporary art galleries, personal projects and institutions including South London Gallery, National Trust & UAL. She values working collaboratively and the added breadth it brings.

Her research-based practice takes historical objects and events as a lens for examining the present day. She often makes work about tools and the ambition behind their use. Her practice is wide ranging; what unites her projects is an emphasis on context and an examination of objects and practices in relation to the way we live today.


Anisha Gupta is currently a 3rd year dentistry student at King’s College London. She undertook a summer research studentship with Science Gallery London in 2015, where she was involved in researching the cutting-edge research themes within the Dental Institute, and their potential for artistic and cultural collaborations for the MOUTHY programme.

As a graduate student having previously worked in the beauty industry, she is particularly fascinated by the intersection of clinical and surgical practices with beauty, aesthetics and self-image, and ran a series of interactive arts workshops exploring these themes for King’s College London’s UTOPIA 2016 season along with Joanna Brinton.

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