Saliva Moon

by Briony Clarke

Saliva Moon was initiated when Briony Clarke was working with David McCarthy in Electron Microscopy at UCL. At the end of one collaboration session they had a little time left for experimentation and ‘out of weirdness’ she decided it may be interesting to look at her saliva.

She did, and was immediately confronted with perhaps the most strangely poetic and jarring image of the day. A striking living moon had been produced, directly from her mouth.

Saliva Moon featured as a live performance at the MOUTHY launch event in which participants had their spittle collated, magnified and projected on to a wall.  


Originally training in Architecture before Fine Art, Briony Clarke graduated with an MA in Communication Art and Design from the RCA in 2011. Briony’s Art practice is deeply design orientated and for the past seven years she has been plotting the construction of her own maverick Art World, a liminal place she has called Set Town.

Over the past three years Briony has been the Resident Artist of Portmeirion Village in North Wales, a strange Sci Fi like built environment which heavily influences her ongoing practice. While there she has been working with Marine Biologists to develop her Sea Fax , an autonomous machine which produces the original manuscript of Set Town – texts that come directly from the sea.

Twitter: @SetTown

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