Teeth Show

by Natasha Davis

Teeth Show invites you on a poetic, medical, bitter-sweet and personal journey through surreal stories, original sound and film.

Starting with teeth as a metaphor for roots, Teeth Show explores complexities around democratic rights of the displaced body in transit and in a constant flux between breaking and repairing. It asks how crossing borders and living in exile impact on the rights of the body regarding its identity, citizenship and medical status. It is a mixed-media, playful and harrowing examination of who, and across what borders, may have access to beautiful and pain-free teeth, and what options remain to those in precarious or transient situations and those who are left out.

Natasha shared her own extraordinary tooth story, including a dentist making a pass at her as a teenager and the painful experience of two root canals in the Syrian Desert without anaesthetic. She also invited members of the Dental Institute at Kings College London to explore their teeth stories, and become a part of an interactive performance exploring our relationship with our teeth.


Natasha Davis is a performance and visual artist creating work around body, memory, identity and migration. Her work is shown in theatres, galleries and festivals in the UK (National Theatre Studio, Chelsea Theatre, Birmingham Rep, Barbican Plymouth, Playhouse Derry, Capstone Liverpool and many others) and internationally (Project Arts Centre Dublin, Point Centre for Contemporary Art Cyprus, El Patio Madrid, Art School Hyderabad, DDL Toronto, Grahamstown Box South Africa, Theatre Works Melbourne etc).

Natasha has been funded by Arts Council, British Council, HRF and numerous commissions. She guest lectures on various post-graduate practice-as-research university modules and has delivered talks and workshops across the world, from Buffalo to Tokyo, from Grenoble to New Delhi.

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