Terminal Sulcus

by Beatrice Haines

As a child Beatrice Haines’ grandparents would regularly prepare sandwiches. One day she was horrified to discover that the succulent meaty filling she enjoyed was in fact bovine tongue and not the ham she suspected. Eating meat seemed strange enough, but the sensation of tasting another animal’s tongue with your own felt bizarre.

Years later this experience inspired an intriguing artwork. Exhibited in a retro kitchen, Terminal Sulcus consisted of over 700 wax casts of human tongues lining the inside of a fridge. During MOUTHY, visitors were able to cast their very own tongue during drop-in workshops within the exhibit, inviting them to consider what their tongue really says about them, and their health.


Beatrice Haines graduated with an MA in Printmaking from the Royal College of Art in 2010. She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions, completing residencies at Marlborough College, the University of Abertay’s forensics lab and Centrespace Gallery. From October, Haines will be in residence at the Griffin gallery and Colart Lab. Listed in Artlyst’s ‘top 10 artists under 30’, Haines is a Print Fellow at the Royal Academy of Arts. Winner of Anthology Art Prize, RBS Bursary award, the Mann and Daler Rowney drawing prizes, she continues to create artwork of a multi-disciplinary nature. Haines co-founded artists collective ‘Rented by the Hour’, striving to exhibit outside white wall gallery spaces.

Twitter: @BeaHaines
Instagram: www.instagram.com/beatricehaines

Website: www.beatricehaines.com

With thanks to Henry Schein for their generous in-kind support for this event

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