The Afterbite

by Stephanie Bickford-Smith & Marcel Helmer

What do different animals teeth look like? What’s it like to be swallowed by different animals? And what’s it like to look out from inside their mouth?

This interactive installation from Stephanie Bickford-Smith and Marcel Helmer could help you answer that – by giving people a unique visual experience of being eaten by different animals.

Through this unique experience, people will be able to explore mouths from a different perspective… putting your head inside these art pieces will reveal views of the insides different animal mouths and the world through their teeth!

At 2.30pm and 3.30pm on Friday 14 October, Abigail Tucker, Professor of Development and Evolution at King’s College London, will be bringing her research lab from the Department of Craniofacial Development and Stem Cell Biology, to talk about the animal mouths on display.


Stephanie Bickford-Smith and Marcel Helmer are two young Designers living in London. Both graduated from the Royal College of Art, (2014) together and share an interest in the power of weird perspectives and unusual explorations.

Stephanie produces performance narrative work, through video, graphic design and installation pieces. Her work opens up questions around the ethical and social boundaries facing today’s society.

Marcel focusses on technology as a theme and tool to understand social position and interactions with machines in our everyday lives. He develops unusual works and exhibitions for other artists and designer and likes to talk about robots.



Prof Abigail Tucker has a research lab in the Department of Craniofacial Development and Stem Cell Biology within the Dental Institute at King’s College London – and is a member of the MOUTHY curatorial teamHer lab focuses on the embryonic formation of the face, particularly the jaw, teeth and ear, structures all linked during development. 

Dr Rupert Austin graduated from the University of Manchester in 2006, completed Dental Foundation Training in 2008, his PhD in 2011 and a Masters (MClinDent) and Specialty Registrar Training in Prosthodontics in 2015. Rupert is currently a Clinical Lecturer and Specialist in Prosthodontics at King’s College London Dental Institute. The main focus of his research programme is to enhance diagnosis and treatment of dental hard tissue pathologies using innovative optical imaging technologies. This involves expanding the clinical applications of intra-oral imaging systems to impact prevention, patient experience and effectiveness of digital dental care.

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