2019 Seasons Announced

In 2019 we will explore some of the most pressing issues facing society today through our ongoing programme of free exhibitions and events. Connect with cutting edge research from King's College London and participate in conversations around the latest thinking on subjects as wide-reaching as the future of the body, the make-up of the Universe and the causes and impact of anxiety. We can't wait to see you next year, we promise a few surprises are in store!



28 February – 12 May 2019

SPARE PARTS questions the nature of the human body and the science, ethics and technology that enable its repair or alteration. It will explore the latest research – including pioneering new studies from King’s Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine – into the engineering of body parts at a cellular, tissue, organ or limb level, while investigating whether ‘spare parts’ can exist outside of the biological body to be shared or exchanged in the future.  

Artists featured in SPARE PARTS include Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr, John A. Douglas, François-Joseph Lapointe & Marianne Cloutier and Salomé Bazin, alongside King’s scientists from the Biomedical Engineering Department, the Centre for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine and the Tissue Engineering and Biophotonics Division.



6 June – 26 August 2019

One of the biggest and most profound mysteries in contemporary physics today is what exactly makes up our Universe, and why 95 per cent of it is seemingly missing. The DARK MATTER season will examine the fundamental nature of reality – and attempt to make sense of what we deem to be ‘real’– through artistic, scientific and philosophical investigation, and research from King’s Faculty of Natural and Mathematical Sciences.

The theory of the ever-elusive Dark Matter forms the starting point of this exploration into fundamental physics, matter and materiality. The season will probe further into the concept of invisibility and infinite divisibility and investigate the human pursuit for absolute truth and knowledge.

DARK MATTER will feature newly-commissioned and existing works by a diverse group of international artists including Desire Machine Collective, Andy Holden, Carey Young, Aura Satz, Semiconductor and Enrico Sachetti, alongside research from Theoretical Physicist, Professor Malcolm Fairbairn from King’s College London and the university’s Theoretical Particle Physics & Cosmology Group.



19 September 2019 – 12 January 2020

ANXIETY will bring together artists and scientists to explore notions of anxiety in contemporary society, asking what causes anxiety and questioning how anxiety increasingly affects us all. The exhibition and events programme will feature research from King’s Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (IoPPN) alongside new and existing artworks from international artists.

ANXIETY will explore the phenomenon in 21st century life, and consider what the future of anxiety and mental health looks like. The season will question: What is the emotional role of anxiety in society? What role does genetics play in making some people more prone to anxiety than others? What are the anxiety-provoking issues in contemporary society? Is the experience of anxiety influenced by social factors, economics, class, gender or ethnicity? Is anxiety used as a political tool? Can anxious states of being fuel positive action?


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