Call for participants: SPARE PARTS season

Microbiome Rebirth Incubator / François-Joseph Lapointe (CA), Marianne Cloutier (CA), Credit:, courtesy Ars Electronica

The deadline for applications is now closed. Please email for further information.

We are inviting mothers who are currently breastfeeding to support the development of a forthcoming season at Science Gallery London – a new free to visit space in London Bridge. Part of King's College London, it is a vibrant, interactive place where art and science collide through exhibitions and events developed by artists, scientists and young adults.

SPARE PARTS opens in February 2019; the season investigates the nature of the human body and the science, ethics and technology that enables its repair or alteration. You can read more about the season on our Open Call page here.

Microbiome Rebirth Incubator is an installation exploring microbiomial transfer between mothers and babies during childbirth. As part of this artwork, we are interested in setting up a pleasant space for breastfeeding and/or milk expressing mothers. We are asking participants for approximately 2 hours of their time to hear your thoughts on the subject and gather ideas about how to develop this piece within the exhibition. We are also seeking performers who will be breastfeeding on the 28th of February to be part of a durational performance, whereby the Microbiome Rebirth Incubator will be seeded with their breastmilk and bacteria collected from her vaginal microbiome.

The project is led by artist and biologist Professor Francois-Joseph Lapointe and Marianne Cloutier, Department of Biological Science, Université de Montréal.

If you are interested in participating or would like more details, get in touch with Judit at



What is the date of the session? 17th January 2019

What time of day will it happen? 14:30 – 18:00

Where will the session take place? At Science Gallery London, Great Maze Pond, London SE1 9GU

Can I bring my baby? Yes

Do you have baby changing facilities on site? Yes

Do you have a buggy park? No, but space will be provided for participants to bring their buggies and pushchairs. The building is fully accessible lift access to all floors.

Will Science Gallery London cover travel costs? Yes

Will there be food and drink provided? Yes

For any other questions, please contact Judit at



Will performers be paid for their time? Yes

Will I be needed for multiple performances, how long will they last and when will they happen? It will be a single durational performance lasting between 2-3 hours.

Will my baby be involved in the performance? Yes

How does the process work? The performer will be asked to express milk which will be collected in a flask. They will also be provided with a vaginal swab to gather samples which will be handled by a midwife. Get in touch with Judit for a conversation about the performance.

Is it safe/sanitary? Yes – a midwife will be in charge of this procedure.

For any other questions, please contact Judit at


Image: Microbiome Rebirth Incubator / François-Joseph Lapointe (CA), Marianne Cloutier (CA), Credit:, courtesy Ars Electronica