The end of another year at Science Gallery London

As 2018 knocks politely on the door, with its promise of two Science Gallery London seasons and a brand spanking new building for us to call home, we took a look back at what we got up to in 2017. There was a lot of change and a lot of growth; with our building and courtyard coming along in leaps and bounds, our team doubling in size, and our FIRST EVER exhibition, this year has flown by!



Our Science Gallery Merchandise arrived. We had lots of suggestions for what else we could slap the SGL logo on which ranged from underwear to bicycle seat covers. To date, neither idea has seen the light of day....



We had some new additions to the team - Georgie joined as Research Coordinator and Femi as Social Media Assistant. While we'd love to steal Stephen (on the right), he's got a full time job as Research Engagement Manager in another department at King's, but he visits us every week!



In March the Science Gallery family grew with the announcement of a new Science Gallery Lab in Detroit, in partnership with Michigan State University. The Lab model means there won't be a permanent venue, instead it's a three-year community-led programme. Here’s Kate with Troy, Director of Science Gallery Lab Detroit hanging out at Science Gallery Dublin at a makeshop workshop.



We worked with the Entrepreneurship Institute at King’s College London on a one-day hackathon exploring vision and perception. The result was this rather striking eyeball which, thanks to Blippar's involvement, comes to life via the free Blippar app. It's still got pride of place on our Great Maze Pond hoardings. Spect-ocular!



The strip out phase of the future Science Gallery London came to an end in May, meaning the internal layout of the building began to take shape as the frames for the walls went in. 



The SPARE PARTS open call was announced, inviting artists, scientists and all creative types to submit their ideas for our future exhibition about transplantation, prosthesis and regenerative technology. SPARE PARTS will be the second season in the new Gallery, after HOOKED opens the space in 2018. This image was developed by BORN Design and plays with the Science Gallery logo shapes, adding texture and colour to suggest cell structures and a kidney.



We launch our BLOOD: Life Uncut season with a series of temporary events and installations across London Bridge. From leeches in the Old Operating Theatre to bathing in blood illuminations in Guy's Chapel, we brought a bit of viscera south of the river. The season was brought to life by our amazing team of mediators - here they are posing with the Blood Bikers who collected stories about blood from our audiences throughout the season.



10 points if you know what used to be under this pile of rubble...? The Georgian Courtyard renovation from its preious life as a car park underwent radical changes to become a new public space for everyone to enjoy. It'll certainly be that much easier to pop over to the Chapel for choir practice when its finished...



The Blood Bikers took their performance to Peckham Festival and collected stories ranging from the subline to the squelchy. Check out some of the tales they gathered in our short video here.



Our first ever exhibition opened at Copeland Gallery in Peckham. The BLOOD: Life Uncut show featured an amazing list of international artists and their thought provoking and provocative work, informed through conversation and collaboration with King's College London researchers. Check out the full list of works that were on display here and watch our overview of the exhibition here.



The fabulous Dr Janahvi Phalkey left her post at the India Institute, King's College London as she was named Director of Science Gallery Bengaluru. Here she is with the London team on Guy's Campus before she headed off for warmer climes and sunnier skies.



As we get ready for the Christmas break our builders are hard at work on Guy's Courtyard, laying a colourful selection of tiles with precision and care. We can't wait to see how it's progressed when we're back in January.

2018 is shaping up to be a big year for the Science Gallery family, with the ten year anniversary of Science Gallery Dublin and the opening of Science Gallery London. Time for us to get some rest ahead of a busy few months

Happy Ho Ho Ho-lidays to one and all, we wish you all peaceful holidays and we'll be seeing you next year.