Exhibition and Events Programme for BLOOD: Life Uncut is now LIVE

As Science Gallery Melbourne clean away the traces of blood left in the wake of their ‘Attract and Repel’ exhibition down under, the BLOOD: Life Uncut events programme is being brought to the boil here in London.

Last week we saw an incredible performance of Tough Blood, a multimedia performance piece produced by artist Stephen Rudder which explores the relationship a sickle cell anaemia sufferer has with their blood. The testimonies of sickle cell sufferers were combined with the music of composer Richard Edwards and brought to life by dancer Kwame Asafo-Adhei and choreographer Skytilz. Throughout the beautiful and harrowing performance, Rudder’s light show of images telling the story of Sickle Cell played across the dancer’s body. All proceeds from the evening were donated to the Sickle Cell Society who are still receiving donations here.

If you missed this piece you’ll be able to catch it in the BLOOD: Life Uncut exhibition at Copeland Gallery, Peckham, where it will be screened throughout the run from the 12th of October to the 1st of November.

Dr Daniel Glaser, Director of Science Gallery London, talks with Stephen Rudder after a much celebrated performance of Tough Blood London.

The full range of events and artworks is now live on our website and there’s something for everyone whether it’s macabre life drawing, cream teas with a twist or investigating crime scenes with forensic blood dyes. Visit our website: london.sciencegallery,com/blood to get involved with #BLOOD17