Explore the mysteries of the Universe at DARK MATTER

DARK MATTER: 95% of the Universe is Missing is a new free exhibition and events programme combining art, physics and philosophy.

Drawing on research from the Department of Physics at King’s College London, DARK MATTER explores one of the biggest questions in physics today: what exactly makes up our Universe? Why, according to the world’s leading scientists, can 95 per cent of it not be observed?

Normal matter – everything that we can see and observe – makes up just five per cent of the Universe. The rest, including dark matter and dark energy, is an unknown which scientists have been hunting for nearly a century.

From delicate spiderwebs to immersive installations translating dark matter simulations into sound patterns, DARK MATTER brings together ideas from physics, technology, philosophy and art, informed by conversations and collaborations with leading physicists.

Running alongside the DARK MATTER exhibition, a series of free events will include Friday Lates, performances, workshops and more.

DARK MATTER: 95% of the Universe is Missing runs from 6 June to 26 August 2019.

DARK MATTER: 95% of the Universe is Missing
6 June – 26 August 2019
Free entry, Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 – 18:00.