FED UP season finishes with performance by Matthew Herbert

On 16 March 2016 we presented Edible Sounda special one-off performance by artist, musician and composer Matthew Herbert at The Guy’s Chapel in London Bridge. The sold out performance was the finale of our current season FED UP: The Future of Food.

Edible Sound involved amplifying the sounds of everyday food using a DJ's turntables and speaker system. The performance presented the sounds of raw natural foods, such as potato and celeriac, alongside processed foods such as refined sugar, cheese and reformed meat. Coinciding with treasury's announcement of plans to introduce a tax on sugary drinks, the thought-provoking performance invited audiences to consider the foods we consume everyday from a new and unusual perspective.

In the Q&A session that followed the performance, Matthew Herbert and Dr Daniel Glaser, Director, Science Gallery London, discussed the themes and origins of the project with writer, broadcaster and curator Morgan Quaintance. The discussion highlighted how the project repositioned a familiar object like a record as a novelty, and shed light on the science behind the seductive attributes of ingredients such as sugar.

Herbert’s research for this commission was enhanced and informed by the work of scientists and researchers working in the fields of Dietetics and Health at King’s College London. This new work offered an alternative perspective for audiences wanting to engage with issues around health, nutrition and food production.

Highlights of the performance can be seen here, and a video of the Q&A will be added to our website soon! Follow us @scigallerylon for the latest Science Gallery London news.