Listen to BLOOD through your headphones

The sound of BLOOD is coming directly to you through your headphones (and speakers). Our seven part podcast and radio series of BLOOD: Life Uncut is now available to listen to and download on Soundcloud, iTunes and Stitcher. In the series we ask whether sickle cell anaemia is a 'black disease'; we examine the recently amended legislation surrounding gay men donating blood; we tackle the taboo which stops us speaking about menstruation; we ponder over the role music played in combatting the spread of Ebola; then, we don our detective hats and investigate the bloody world of forensic science; we look into what the future holds for the blood donation service; and finally we listen to poet, playwright and performer Sabrina Mahfouz read 'Bloodlines', a collection of poetry she wrote especially for the BLOOD season. 

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All the episodes are now available on iTunes to download and listen to on the go. The last three episodes were broadcast on Resonance FM alongside a bonus, extended radio edit of 'Is Sickle Cell Anaemia a 'Black Disease'. Catch our re-run of the final episode on Resonance FM this Saturday at 18:30pm - Tune into have a listen!

The exhibition of BLOOD: Life Uncut in Copeland Gallery closes on the 1st of November (although we still have an event on Guy's Campus at the Haemotel after we leave Peckham).