New BLOOD: Life Uncut Season Launched 27th July

Our new season BLOOD: Life Uncut launched on 27th July with installations in three venues around London Bridge that reveal the essential, expressive and the visceral nature of blood by telling personal and provocative stories of this vital, life-affirming fluid that connects us all. 

Blood Equality at Guy’s Chapel and the ‘Heamotel’ on Guy’s Campus, King’s College London, will be open until Sunday 30 July and The Body is a Big Place at the Old Operating Theatre will be on view until 17 August.

In addition, a roaming performing team, the Blood Bikers, will travel by bike between London and Tower bridges, stopping to gather stories, share messages, and stage ideas inspired by blood.

This is the first phase of the BLOOD: Life Uncut season, which runs until mid-August, and will be followed by the second phase that includes an exhibition, installations, workshops and performances that will take place across London Bridge and Peckham from September until November.

This season is a collaboration with Science Gallery Melbourne who launched their season last night. Partnering with Nite Art for their launch event, the iconic Old Quad of The University of Melbourne was illuminated by Jordan Eagles’ Blood Equality-Illuminations.

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