Programme revealed for our next pre-opening season MOUTHY: INTO THE ORIFICE

MOUTHY: INTO THE ORIFICE invites you to explore the hidden world inside the mouth and asks you consider your own relationship with this amazing portal of self-expression.

From contemporary dance to performance poetry, immersive installations to workshops, MOUTHY comprises a diverse range of collaborative projects to make you re-examine your relationship with your mouth.

Kicking off on 5 July, MOUTHY will run in pop-up locations around London Bridge from July to November 2016. Following on from our ground-breaking event that marked the start of building work for Science Gallery London, where guests contributed to create a collaborative Spit Crystal, the main focus of our July events is saliva: magnifying it, investigating its properties and finding out what it says about you. 

“I’m so excited to see the results from the intriguing collaborations that have evolved through the open call and conversations with researchers and students at King's College London. The launch event on 5 July will give a taster of what’s to come and offers a chance to contribute bits of your own mouth to the season. I was so encouraged at the ground-breaking event by how willing people were to donate their spit. Now I can’t wait to cast my tongue!”
Lizzie Crouch, MOUTHY Season Producer

MOUTHY: INTO THE ORIFICE has been shaped with expertise from a fantastic curatorial team.

  • Professor Abigail Tucker manages a research lab that looks at the development of the head, and in particular the jaw. Part of her cutting edge research involves growing teeth from stem cells! Abigail has already started to collaborate with a team that will give visitors a unique view of animal mouths…!
  • Gina Czarnecki is our artistic curatorial advisor, and brings with her a wealth of expertise in art-science collaborations to the season. Her work is often inspired by and works directly with the materiality of the human body, inspiring sculptures made from milk teeth to armchairs incorporating human fat.
  • Dr Saoirse O'Toole has been peering into people mouths (as a qualified dentist!) for years but is always surprised by what people think about their mouths. She has enjoyed, among other projects, one that has looked at altering their mouths for purposes not usually described in dental textbooks!
  • Dr Daniel Glaser is a neuroscientist who has worked for many years promoting public engagement with science, and is Director of Science Gallery London. He brings this experience to his curatorial role on MOUTHY, and has been blown away by the creativity and boldness of the projects we will feature.

Delve into the orifice and explore the MOUTHY season.