Conversions #1

Agnieszka Kurant

Agnieszka Kurant’s new commission draws comparisons between the role of dark matter in the physical Universe and the invisible forces of social energy - in this case, prorest movements around the world. Experimenting with how energy can be converted from social to electrical or thermal energy, Kurant has created a painting made from liquid crystals that are undergoing perpetual transitions.
Live data is read and aggregated by a sentiment analysis artificial intelligence (AI), revealing energy moods ranging from enthusiasm, joy and hope, to anger and frustration. These moods are translated into changes in temperature through an on-board computer, causing the painting to continually transform in colour and pattern.

Please note this artwork is currently off display for maintenence.

About the contributor(s) 

Conceptual interdisciplinary artist, Agnieszka Kurant explores how complex social, economic and cultural systems can operate in ways that confuse distinctions between fiction and reality or nature and culture. She investigates “the economy of the invisible,” in which immaterial and imaginary entities, fictions, phantoms and emergent processes influence political and economic systems. Kurant probes the “unknown unknowns” of knowledge and the speculations and exploits of capitalism by integrating science and philosophy, and analyzing certain phenomena—collective intelligence, emergence, virtual capital, immaterial and digital labor, evolution of memes, civilizations and social movements, artificial societies, energy circuits and the editing process—as political acts. She explores the hybrid and shifting status of objects in relation to value, aura, authorship, production and circulation. Many of her works emulate nature and behave like living organisms, self-organized complex systems or bachelor machines.