Even Darker Matter

Andy Holden

In this new short film the concept of dark matter as a missing volume of matter is loosley and ponderously explored through the depth created by the simple effect of home-made 3D. Here dark matter is interpreted as something "black, more like depression", and sentient, looking back at you. The empty space of space is full of fragments of familiar sound recordings all taken casually on the artist’s phone, while 3D renders of crudely computer-generated galaxies and asteroids interact with familiar images from cartoon history that hang in the air like constellations or ghosts.

Here space is full of floating eyeballs; the "cosmic paranoia" of feeling watched, and contains traces of everything that has come before; creating a sensation of being in a place that is saturated by previous experiences that no longer seem to correspond to what the body is currently experiencing. The film is ‘the outer edges of the Cartoon Landscape”, the artist's theory for the point in time we now all inhabit, in which cartoon logic prevails in a space where things endlessly reoccur.

About the contributor(s) 

Andy Holden is an artist and musician whose work is characterised by a desire to connect to audiences while retaining his own personal references and motivations. Often concerned with our relationship to the past and how we make sense of ourselves, his pieces tackle history, nostalgia, and philosophical enquiry. Cartoon characters, beer bottles covered in plaster, charity shop finds and knitted sculptures all feature in his work. The ability to evoke both the burdens of existence and a childlike appreciation of the world around defines Holden's unique approach.