Look on me and be renewed (2018)

Mark King working with Professor John Marsden and Changing 7

How far does our external environment affect how we feel? This project combines artist Mark King’s interest in pattern-making and patterns of behaviour with clinical psychologist John Marsden’s research. John helps people with lived experience of substance use to work out and control their responses to visual or sensory cues in their environment, that could trigger the complex emotions which build up to a desire to use drugs.

Co-commissioned by UP Projects and Science Gallery London. Supported by Turning Point and Lorraine Hewitt House. Funded by Wellcome.


The making of Look on me and be renewed

Changing 7, a group of people with lived experience of substance use, shared stories and skills with Mark and John. They used photography, bespoke garments and graphic design to explore their personal relationships with the visual environment around London Bridge. Mark’s installation is based on patterns he created as a result of the collaboration. The work encourages us to re-examine and re-engage with our surroundings by heightening our awareness of what we see.


About the contributor(s) 

Mark King is a Barbadian interdisciplinary visual artist whose work encompasses photography, installation, textile surface design and public art. He is inspired chiefly by behavioural psychology, technology, and neuroscience. His artwork seeks to bring awareness to the interplay between the built environment and the human mind through pattern and the coding of an ever-evolving visual lexicon.

John Marsden is Professor of Addiction Psychology at King’s College London. He is a senior member of the National Addiction Centre, has an honorary appointment at South London & Maudsley Mental Health Foundation Trust (SLaMHFT), and is a Deputy Editor-in-Chief for the academic journal ADDICTION.  John is a clinical research psychologist and cognitive behavioural psychotherapist with a special interest in experimental psychological therapies and research on psychological disorders and healthcare treatment systems.

Changing 7 is a group of seven individuals with lived experience of treatment and recovery from substance use. The group, brought together with the support of Lorraine Hewitt House and Turning Point, decided upon the name Changing 7 when working together on the project Look at me and be renewed with Mark King and Dr John Marsden.