Twelve (2015)

Melanie Manchot

Twelve explores the intimate stories, rituals and ruptures of lives spent in addiction and recovery. It captures the individual processes of 12 people who the artist collaborated with in three rehabilitation communities. Participants watched iconic films and selected favourite scenes to re-interpret, applying their own narratives and performances. Melanie enables us to witness their paths out of long-term addiction and towards recovery, and the slow process of building new identities and ways of living.

Commissioned by Mark Prest of Portraits of Recovery, and developed by Melanie Manchot working with Action on Addiction, the Ley Community and the Psychosocial Research Unit at the University of Central Lancashire. Twelve is supported by Wellcome and an Arts Council England National Lottery project grant.

Courtesy the artist and Parafin, London


About the contributor(s) 

Melanie Manchot is a London-based visual artist working with photography, film/video as a performative and participatory practice. Her projects respond to specific sites and public spaces or particular communities to explore individual and collective identities.