The Anatomy Lesson: Dissecting Medical Futures

Agi Haines

What happens when artificial organs malfunction?

Designer Agi Haines’ The Anatomy Lesson: Dissecting Medical Futures is an interactive visceral voyage into future medicine.

Haines’ work considers what would happen when bodily alterations malfunctioned or needed repair, such as removing a cyst that has developed on a bionic eye implant, or cleaning a nanoparticle filter in the trachea.

Probe futuristically modified body parts, created by Haines, to determine the positive and negative effects of technological innovation.

Work supported by AFK, Transtechnology Research, CogNovo, The Waag Society, Mediamatic, Vrij University

About the contributor(s) 

Agi Haines’ work is focused on the design of the human body. She is now undertaking PhD research at Transtechnology Research, funded by Plymouth University. She exhibits and lectures internationally around the topic of the future of design and the body.