Cacti Grafting

Gynelle Leon and Daria Belokhvostova


When did you last mess with nature?

Grafting is a form of tissue engineering that has been practised for thousands of years. Like other plants, cacti can be grafted for a variety of reasons: to produce different species, to cultivate disease free stems, or to create a plant with an instagram-ready aesthetic.

Drop into The Gut between 6 April and 12 May to help us to cultivate a crop of grafted cacti, and reconsider this ancient horticultural technique.

Gynelle Leon of PRICK London will kick things off with an hour and a half long workshop on Saturday 6 April at 15:00. Join Gynelle and Daria Belokhvostova from the Centre for Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine at King’s College London to discuss all things cactus, and bust some myths hiding in the gap between contemporary regenerative medicine and sci-fi.

About the contributor(s) 

Gynelle Leon is the founder of PRICK, London's first shop dedicated to cacti and succulents, and author of Prick. Her boutique has been featured in the Evening Standard, the Financial Times, Monocle, i-D and the Huffington Post. She is also an RHS award winning plant photographer.

Daria Belokhvostova is a researcher at the Watt Lab at King’s College London on the Wellcome Trust 'Cell Therapies and Regenerative Medicine' PhD Programme. Daria works on stem cells in the pituitary gland, in skin and in the liver.