Tabatha Andrews

Is sound heard, felt, or both? How do your senses shape the perception of your own body?

Reconnect with the often-disregarded senses of hearing and touch through this newly-commissioned felt installation.

'Disturbance III'  is an acoustic wall of felt that absorbs light and sound.

Constructed from ruched, recycled wool felt made from old clothing and carpets, the work stimulates the senses – it is tactile, warm and comforting, yet visually unsettling. Its undulating forms could be like the inside of a body, but on moving closer to the work, our perception of sound becomes deadened.

You are invited to explore the relationship between this work and Andrews’ Listening Objects, questioning the relationship between sight, hearing and touch.

About the contributor(s) 

Tabatha Andrews is an artist working in sculpture and installation. She is interested in unsettling the hierarchy of the senses, exploring how materials and sound can embody and trigger memory. Andrews is currently collaborating with the scientist Andrea Streit at King’s College London, exploring the inner ear, hearing and communication in a new Kings Innovation project for 2019, 'Call and Response'.