The Self-Donor Workshop

Tina Gorjanc

What would a future look like in which we can grow replacement organs from our own cells?

In The Self-Donor Workshop, Tina Gorjanc imagines the fashion atelier of the future, a production line of personalised mini-organs grown outside the body from human tissue.

Replacing the need for donors and transplants, these creations would sit on top of existing organs to modify or enhance their function, rather than replicating them entirely.

Commissioned by Science Gallery London, this participatory installation is inspired by research into bioengineering and bioprinting human tissue by institutions including King’s College London.

Enter the atelier to handle the mini-organs and design your own.

About the contributor(s) 

Tina Gorjanc is a Slovenian born researcher and designer based in London. She is fascinated by biotechnology and its potential to shape the future.