Listening Objects

Tabatha Andrews

Where do our bodies begin and end? How can sensory modification affect our perceptions of our bodies, sense of self, and other?

Listening Objects are wearable micro-installations, designed to alter our perceptions of sound and space.

Looking like a cross between 1960s science fiction and a pair of ordinary headphones, they both enhance the hearing and disorientate the wearer, acting as sound detectors as well as amplifiers.

Normally we rely on the outer ear, know as the pinna, to sense sound direction, but while wearing these artworks we perceive sound from all around us. The body's understanding of up-down, right-left, forward-back are confused. The inside is brought outside and the outside inside in new and strange ways

You are invited to wear Listening Objects whilst experiencing the rest of the SPARE PARTS exhibition, including Disturbance - another work by Tabatha.

About the contributor(s) 

Tabatha Andrews is an artist working in sculpture and installation. She is interested in unsettling the hierarchy of the senses, exploring how materials and sound can embody and trigger memory. Andrews is currently collaborating with Professor Andrea Streit at King’s College London, exploring the inner ear, hearing and communication in a new Kings Innovation project for 2019, 'Call and Response'.