Science Gallery London presents BLOOD: Life Uncut, an exhibition and event series that reveals the captivating and visceral power of blood to expose, shock and bring people together. The season highlights the scientific and symbolic nature of blood, telling of personal and provocative stories of this vital, life-affirming fluid that connects us all.

The season launches in late July with a series of experiences and installations at various venues around London Bridge, including the Old Operating Theatre and Guy’s Chapel, and concludes with an exhibition at the Copeland Gallery in Peckham, London, alongside a programme of performances and workshops in September and October.

The season will feature a range of artists from around the world, including Jordan Eagles, Katharine Dowson, Live Art Development Agency and Chris Milk. New collaborations between artists and scientists tackle issues which are often invisible, offering fresh perspectives on menstruation, Ebola, sickle cell anaemia, blood donation, forensics and blood typing.

Take part in blood-making workshops, share uncensored blood stories, and meditate behind a curtain of blood, one thing is for sure - you will never look at yourself the same way again.


Watch this space for more info coming soon. #BLOOD17