Developed in association with people who have a lived experience of addiction, the HOOKED exhibition features established and up-and-coming artists and photographers from across the globe, including Rachel Maclean’s Feed Me; photographs from Olivia Locher’s Another Day on Earth series; Richard Billingham’s Tony Smoking Backwards, Playstation and Jason Chopping; Melanie Manchot’s Twelve and Joachim Koester’s The Hashish Club.

Leading voices on the science of addiction from King’s College London, including researchers from the Institute of Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience (IoPPN), are interwoven into the installations, artworks and experiences featured within the season.

Please note the HOOKED exhibition contains some works which may require parental guidance for young children. Please speak to our gallery mediators for more information.

HOOKED is curated by Hannah Redler-Hawes.

The exhibition takes you through a journey with four distinct phases:


We all like to have fun, to seek new experiences and test our own boundaries, but how and when do you know if enough is enough? What if your all-consuming desire is causing harm to yourself and others?


Going online means we can satisfy our cravings and desires for everything with just a few clicks, literally at the speed of light. How are we coping in a world awash with digital media where inbuilt, habit-forming loops are designed to seek and keep our attention?


Who is to blame for addiction? People living in and with addiction are frequently maligned by society, but how far does society itself need resetting?


What happens when things get out of hand? When does ‘use’ become ‘misuse’, or the balance tip into harm?