Feed Me (2015)

Rachel Maclean

How do we verify our own self-worth in today’s media-rich environments?  In Rachel's fairy-tale slum populated by sinister surveillance toys, infantilised adult ‘beasts’ and sexualised children, the fabrication of happiness and a society obsessed by social media feedback loops are explored through multiple emoji-fied and text-speak narratives. Ghastly characters communicate through a variety of networked and seeing systems in pursuit of the unattainable.

Commissioned by Film & Video Umbrella and Hayward Touring for British Art Show 8. Supported by Arts Council England and Creative Scotland.


About the contributor(s) 

Rachel Maclean is an artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. Rachel Maclean’s films use green-screen, costume design and visual effects to transform Maclean into hyperreal characters. Constructing worlds that mashup pop-culture and advertising clichés, Maclean’s film and performance based practice offers satirical interpretations of Western capitalist society.