Please Don't Like This: A Social Media Conundrum (2015)

Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Benjamin Grosser

Have we become addicted to Like buttons and Like counts? In social media, "persuasion design"—including quantified notifications—is used to capture and hold our attention as frequently and for as long as possible. Will you be seduced by the pulsing red button and press Like? Or will seeing the number of people who couldn't help but press the button persuade you to comply with the title’s request not to like?

To play visit on your mobile device and DO NOT tap the red button. (You may be prompted to login to Facebook.)

About the contributor(s) 

Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Ph.D., is an award winning artist, researcher, and writer. Jonah’s work focuses on the theme of “Deconstructing Networks” which includes over 80 projects that critically challenge and subvert accepted perceptions of network interaction and experience.

Benjamin Grosser is an artist who focuses on the cultural, social, and political effects of software.